Friday, February 20, 2009

What in the World?!!

Just the other day I was, what I would call "craigslist surfing" on and I ran into the strangest ad. I guess there are several ads on craigslist that are strange, but this one was personally strange to me.

First of all I'll start off by mentioning that our family is planning to move to another home soon (hopefully). We're in an itty bitty apartment that cannot squeeze anything else into it. We moved into this apartment after living in a house for a few years. We have tons of furniture and junk that we have to store in storage because of our living spaces. The reason for moving into an apartment was to save money, but it never happened because "life" happened and of course you have to take two steps back to move one step forward. So, right now I am in search of a rental home or possibly buying a home. We just found out that our credit has gone up (not by much) and could possibly qualify for a house. YAY!! (I better get back to my ad story first...)

So as I was searching online for homes, I ran into this ad that states,

$1050 / 2br - Be brave, and rent the famous "SCARY HOUSE" (Crestline)‏

"This wonderful log cabin home has a past! The entire neighborhood and area of Crestline knows what happened to a lady who was killed in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this seems to scare off every person who wants to rent or buy this home. This incident happened 3 years ago, and there have been 3 other families who lived here since then. You'll be known for living in the "haunted house" by all the community residents. (it's not really haunted, its just an ongoing conversation piece) If you are interested in living in an 1,100 sq.ft. 2 story, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom log cabin home on 3/4 acres, then contact me for additional details. $1,050 rent. $1000 security deposit. Pets Okay! There is a fenced in yard for dogs. There's a small shed/storage barn on property. contact me with your questions, thanks."

Would you move in? Not me!! You'd have to be a strong ghost/haunted house enthusiast to move into a house like this!! If it were me renting this house, I would never advertise my house like this LMAO!! I won't be moving into this place anytime soon. Do you believe in ghosts?
P.S. Three families in the past three years?!! Hmm... Call me a wuss I don't care!! LOL!!

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