Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Feeling Well...

Not Feeling Well
I've been really sick these past three days. It started Tuesday when I was working at night. I always get sick when I go to work. There are so many germs and no matter how much I protect myself I always seem to get sick. Could it be that I'm allergic to work? LOL!! Yah never know...

My Diet Last Week
I was doing really good on my diet at the beginning of the week, but then started slacking mid-week. I cooked fish, ate salads, and drank my meal-replacement shakes on-the-go. I ate bananas and apples for snacks. I worked out three times last week. Spinning mostly, but as the week went on I started getting sick, I was exhausted, and I ate REALLY bad. Worst of all, my monthly friend visited me this week. YUCK!! I decided to weigh-in at my clinic to see how much weight I'd lost (or gained) and to my disappointment I am still the same! I lost fat and gained muscle mass which is great, but I'm stuck. I'm on a plateau and I can't break it!! And of course, I felt super guilty for killing my diet.

My First Time Making Salmon (the healthy way).

Lemon Garlic Salmon with Garlic-Buttered Organic Wheat Noodles and Corn.

My Diet Next Week
It's time to step it up!! My goal for next week is to watch my diet all week. No cheating!! I'm working out at least to a minimum of four days next week. I need to change my exercise routine and add something different. I've been researching running clubs and I've found two. I might have to wait until June because their season is almost up and if I pay registration right now, I'll have to pay again in June regardless. Might as well save my money and find someone else to run with in the meantime. There's also this new "mom" club opening up. It's actually an exercise camp for moms. There's stroller-strides which I've been wanting to try, but baby boot camp for moms is opening up this week and I've been receiving emails from them for months and it looks like alot of fun!! I might even try kickboxing again. I know my back is bad, but I'm desperate to see results. On Wednesday baby boot camp has an informational meeting and they start their free class the following week. All I need is a stroller and my baby and I'm good to go!! I've got both!! LOL!!

This past week I had school Friday and Saturday. It is getting so intense!! So stressful!! I really need to intensify my studying as well. I had a quiz on Saturday on the lower extremities and I got an 8 out of 10. Whew!! I'm so tired, but I really need to keep moving along. RN here I come!!
Studying in the Car for my Lower Extremities Test

Nothing like Studying with a hot cup of Starbucks Vanilla Roobio Latte.

Next week I have a math test on Wednesday, a chapter test on Friday, and a bone test on ALL the bones. Head to toe!! I have a study group on Tuesday with a few girls in my class (that's if my work calls me off). Wish me luck!!

Work Life
Work life sucks right now. I love my job as a nurse and I love the kids I take care of, but I'm so disappointed with the place that I'm working in right now. They cut everyone's pay by2%, took out our personal time off, and cut out weekend differential by half. I know I should be happy that I still have a job. I've heard it several times, but I never started getting paid well in the first place and paying for my own health insurance is really killing my paycheck as it is. We're barely getting by...

I'm not motivated to go into work. My husband confronted me today about it. He knows I'm not happy at work. He told me that I really need to consider finding a place that I'm happy to go to work to. I need to get my life straight...I need to either find another job and I need to figure out how I can make extra money aside from that. I was doing home-parties for woman, but it never fell through. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of DILDOS!! LMAO!!

Before doing all of this I was actually looking into personal training and becoming a group exercise instructor. I actually have that as my minor in college, but of course my main focus is becoming an RN. I might reconsider looking into this again, but of course I need to get myself fit first. I'm obviously not ready to show anyone else the "ropes" on weight-loss if I'm not even fit. There's a school around here that I've been researching on and off for personal training, but first I think I'll try getting through math and anatomy. We'll see what happens...there's so much I want to accomplish, the problem is not burning myself out, which I always seem to do.

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