Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Math Test Last Night

My teacher forgot to post the test online last night!! Woohoo!! I was SOOO tired last night. I hope she doesn't make us complete it by tonight...that would be my luck. I slept REALLY bad last night. You'd think I'd sleep like an angel after 32 hours of sleep deprivation, but as I was getting ready for bed...the baby was already sleeping (on my bed)...and my hubby was on my side of the bed...I needed to put on my jammies. So as I put on my pants, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I took off my shirt and thought, "I need to rest my eyes..I'm just going to lay down for one minute...".

The next thing you know I wake up at 630am between the baby (I was sooo tired I forgot to put him in the crib) and my husband...topless (I bet he was happy)!! I was in some weird contorted position I can't even describe and freezing my butt off because all the covers were on my husband. He looked like a wrapped burrito laying on the bed (he's such a bed hog!!). It's going to be a long day today with back pain galore. Off to the gym I go!! It's going to be painful....

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  1. haha we do keep running in to eachother!!! lol...Ya school is going on hold for now, but I am getting a nutrtion certificate so I am excited about that! Once I get done with this marathon, I would love to run with you!