Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

I love the holidays, but I am SOOO glad it's over!! We are so blessed to have so many people that love us as much as we love them!! During the month of December from the 15th on....we celebrated three birthdays (literally), had five christmas', two christmas parties from work, and a family reunion that we had on the 1st of January!! Wow....this could be a song.....
Five Days of Elizabeth

Just It was stressful, but very fun. Especially on Christmas day because that night...(Christmas Eve)....Santa did not finish wrapping presents until 230am in the morning. Then when 6am came around Jeremy WOKE UP for his presents!! Soon after we had to go to my precious hubby's mom's house for breakfast and MORE presents...leave at 11am to drive 2 1/2 hours away to visit my mom's boyfriends family...leave by 4pm to make it to my hubby's uncle's house for dinner.

Here's a recap

Saturday, December 20th...Jacob's Birthday Party @ my mother-in-laws house.

Sunday, December 21st...Pre-Christmas Party @ Tony's dad's house.

Monday, December 22nd..I had strep throat, Jacob had double ear infections, and Jeremy had inpetigo on his lip (go figure). Urgent Care on my birthday.

Tuesday, December 23rd...Home sick and recovering...

Wednesday, December 24th...Finalize last minute Christmas Shopping....wrapping gifts @ a shopping center parking lot 30 minutes before the Christmas Eve party at Tony's Uncles house.

Christmas Eve party and presents .

Thursday, December 25th...See Above.

Friday, December 26th...Work.

Saturday, December 27th...Work

Sunday....Recover...Dine-out and Drive-In Movies....

Bedtime Stories and a mouse one (forgot what it's called). Jacob was being a little booger and could hardly watch the final movie.

Wednesday, December 31st (New Year's Eve)...I had to work 6pm to 630am.

Ironically, I was stuck cleaning a shitty diaper soon after midnight hit. Talk about a shitty new pun intended...


Thursday, January 1st, 2009...Family reunion.

The family reunion came from my side of my family. It was awesome!! Some of my family that live's in Idaho came out to visit and it was so much fun seeing the family. We have the greatest time when we all come together. I wish everyone could have been there. There were a few people that we missed. AWESOME food btw!!

It was an awesome mix of cuban, mexican, and guatemalan food!! You can never go wrong with that mix!! YUMMM!!

I wish I could have taken pics, but my camera was already full from Christmas...I'm really bummed out about that. Next time I'll make sure to take pictures...

I said was an awesome holiday season, but I'm tired and I'm so glad it's over!! My pockets are empty too!!

Stay tuned for Resolutions......

Here are a few pics from our celebrations....Enjoy!!

Jeremy helping Jacob blow out his candle...
Jacob "trying" to open his presents...what a cutie pie!!
Cousin Dylan (on the left), Jacob (in the middle), and Jeremy (on the right)
Aren't they gorgeous?!! Watch out girls!!

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