Monday, December 15, 2008

A Hectic Weekend

What a hectic weekend!! It was nice, but so hectic...

It started Friday when my husband was preparing for an MMA fight for Saturday. He had to lose a few pounds to make weight at the weigh-in's and we waited a few hours before he could even leave.

On Saturday, I had to help my husband prepare for his fight....wash clothes, find equipment, etc. Then I had to take the kids to his mom's house so that I could go watch his fight. It was all really hectic. I'm happy to say HE WON HIS FIGHT!!! YAY!!

It's nice to see a good outcome to all his fights because he trains so hard for these things. It's also good to see him win because I'm the one who has to stay awake after work all week long with the kids so that he can go train. I'm practically a single mom all can be really tough...

On Sunday, we picked the kids up from his mom's house, went to the TAPOUT warehouse sale in Grand Terrace (we found ALOT of good deals), we went and picked out our Christmas tree (Jeremy had so much fun), and finally finished off our day going to a birthday party. We were so exhausted. There's so much to go into, but my little stinker (another love of my life) Jacob is hounding me to give him attention. Pictures will hopefully be up soon!!

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