Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Sick and Tired, Consignment Sales, and a Date Night.

Hi guys! How's life? It's been crazy busy over here! My oldest had a ear infection and has a cold. My baby girl has a ear infection that is making her absolutely crazy fussy. I'm tired and sleep deprived! So thankful to have a massage scheduled on Friday because I NEED IT! Everything aches! I even requested a DEEP MUSCLE massage. I could use one right at this very moment. Sigh.

In other news...I'm a consigner at my very first children's consigment sale. It has been quite an experience prepping everything. The sale starts on Thursday. I hope I make lots of MONEY! Although, I think I over-priced some of my things. Oh well, I'll resell it at the next sale. I learned tons of stuff....I'm thinking about writing a blog post about my first experience as a consigner. Hmmm.....what do you think?
 I also went to another consignment sale this past weekend. I tried selling clothes at this sale, but it sold out when I tried registering and stumbled onto the other sale that I'm consigning at right now. I scored tons of good stuff at the sale! I went twice! What an addiction! Seriously, I has to convince myself to only spend a set amount because it's easy to SPEND all of your money. The first time I spent $30.
The second time I spent $20. Most of the stuff was discounted at 1/2 off! HOLY COW! I had to contain myself!It was HARD!
 I'll probably go shopping again this weekend. Dressing a little girl is serious business. I LOVE dressing her up! 
We also went to a MMA fight last Thursday! It was so much fun! I kind of missed it! We watched our friend defend his belt and HE WON! It was a good show. A close call, but it was good. It was nice getting out without the kids and enjoying time with my hubby. It felt good to put on makeup and dress up for a night out.
After the fights we went to the casino's club and celebrated with the team that my hubby fights through. It was great catching up with some of our friends. What a night! 

Well, that's it you guys! Time to go! It's going to be another crazy day! 

How's your week been? Have you ever been to a consignment sale? What was your experience? Any tips? 

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