Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've been a bad blogger.  BAD BLOGGER! I miss blogging and it ALWAYS feels good to be back! We've been going through several changes in our lives and hubby and I agree that our decisions are necessary for our future.

Change Numero Uno:  We've moved again!
Tons of people ask me: Don't you ever get tired of moving? And the answer is YES!! I HATE MOVING. Especially now that my boys are getting bigger. BUT, moving has never been because it's "fun" to do. There has always been a method to our madness and I know that we'll eventually settle down and plant our roots somewhere. That means that we have one last move before we settle down. SMH. But, it should be permanent! I hope. That's what I said last time.

Change Numero Dos: We want to expand our family!
Say What?!
That's right guys! We've been trying for baby #3! This was my big surprise before I vanished on here. Except, it's not happening right now. Boo. We've been trying since August and maybe it's not meant to be. I'm not really sad or depressed about it because I've already been blessed with two beautiful boys. For now, it's in Gods hands. We are also looking into other possible options, but for now our story continues......

Change Numero Tres: I'm working again!

I wrote about this in December, but it didn't work out and I found something better! God is good. It's part-time which is a great transition from being a stay at home mommy to being a working mom. I'm considering transitioning over to full-time, but only time will tell.

So, that's it guys! We have more changes going on, but those are only a few of the "big" ones. Besides those changes, we continue to work on our healthy lifestyle change and enjoying life with family and friends!
 Life is good!
Have you gone through big changes in your life? How do you handle change?

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