Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Workout Wednesday!

I normally work out in the morning with a specific fitness instructor, but my big guy started school today and my workout routine has to change. 
 I can't believe that my baby is going to fourth grade! *Tear* Time is going by WAAAAYYYY to fast! Isn't he such a cutie?! Watch out girls!
I'm working on a workout schedule right now and have managed to workout every day since Monday. YAY! On Monday, I took an evening class with a different fitness instructor and I knew it was going to be HARD. It normally is rough, but I forgot about the pain that you feel after this instructor's workout.
You should try it! We ran out of time and I finished in the 4th round with a time of 41.4 minutes. My evening workout instructor likes to implement cross fit inspired workouts into our routine and they are KILLER
I also brought my boys down to the gym with me. We pretty much had a family workout! Except that they were taking their Muay Thai class while I took my cross fit inspired class. It was great! We were sweating like crazy after we were done!
On Tuesday, my friend Jorgina and I worked out in the morning and decided to take a break with our kids at our local amusement park/water park! 
I'm so glad that we did because it was 104 degrees out here in Southern California! Except I was SUPER SUPER sore from Monday's workout and had to take a pain killer to help me get through the day. I don't think that I drank enough water and came home with a major migraine and ended up throwing up as soon as I came home. BLECH! T.M.I.? The rides didn't help either. Other than that....IT WAS FUN!! LOL. 
 Make sure you drink tons of water if you're in this heat. I learned my lesson the hard way. You'd think that four water bottles by noon would be enough, but it wasn't. It's Wednesday and I still feel a little queasy.

This morning I woke up at 4:30am and went to my swim class at my local YMCA. I also learned that we had an earthquake last night and I slept right through it. A heat stroke can do that to yah! I also missed the other two earthquakes that happened throughout the day. I HATE EARTHQUAKES so I'm glad that I didn't feel them! I wasn't really sore during my swim class, but I can feel it now! I am in major pain, but that's not gonna stop me from missing my workout tomorrow morning. PAIN IS GOOD! The pain usually goes away during the workout. It's how I feel afterwards that worries me!
How are you staying cool during the summer? How much water do you drink on hot summer days when you're working out?


  1. That's a serious workout - I love it! Keep up the great work xo

  2. That's a serious workout - I love it! Good luck with everything xo