Thursday, February 2, 2012

Words. #Febphotoaday

Wow! Three blog posts in one day! I'm on a roll!! Today's photo of the day is anything having to do with "words". I chose a page out of my health log. These recipes are my words to live by for the next few days. I've recently started juicing and the "Mean Green Juice" will be a HUGE part of my life for the next few days. I'm "juice" fasting and today is DAY ONE. I'm trying to fast for 60 days, but I'm just playing it day by day for now. I'll go into more detail about my fast in the next few days. I am SO HUNGRY right now. I'm also REALLY tired. I'm going to finish my Carrot Apple Ginger juice, take a shower, and hit the sack!

Have you ever fasted? Would you ever fast? How did you do?

Goodnight Friends!

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