Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teens! Take a Shot at It!!

Did you know that there are thousands of children and teens that are not up to date on there vaccines? Trust me...I know! I work for the Public Health Department as a Licensed Nurse. I give vaccines to people of all ages almost every day! Some of the biggest excuses for children not being up to date is "My child's school never informed me, so they must be okay.", "My doctor never said anything to me. They're fine.", and "Can vaccines cause autism?".

My Child's School Never Informed Me, So They Must be Okay.

Schools require specific shots to be enrolled in school. Some vaccines aren't required in school, but there are still vaccines that are required for their age group to protect them from those horrible diseases that still roam the earth. So yes...they're okay in school, but they're not fully protected from diseases that they can be exposed to....even in school.

Here's a list of some of the most commonly missed immunizations for teens:

Tdap- Schools are requiring the whooping cough vaccine because it's an epidemic! Babies are dying people! Not only are children required to have the whooping cough vaccine....adults are highly recommended  to have the vaccine too!! Germs spread fast!!!

HPV- HPV is also known as Guardasil. It's for both genders! Not only girls!

For girls, it has the potential to protect them from HPV, Genital Warts, and Cervical Cancer! Yes moms....it's STD protection...and I'm sure you don't plan on them having sex soon, but just in case...it protects them from the future! Do it now! I also work in reproductive health....STD's are still ALIVE!! Chlamydia, Ghonorhea, HPV, Syphillis, HIV....I could go on and on.....Some of these woman had "trustworthy spouses and/or partners" and were still diagnosed with a few of these sexually transmitted diseases....sad...I know.

For boys, it prevents exposure to HPV. HPV isn't always detected, but when it is...you'll know about it. Plus, it keeps HPV from spreading to females.

MCV4- MCV4 is also known as the "Meningitis Shot". It's as simple as that. It protects teens from meningitis. Several strains. Not only that...it's required to go to college. Once they turn 19 years old that shot costs over $100 BIG ONES!!! OUCH!! Get it done now when it's covered by insurance and/or only $10 per shot. That goes for most of these shots. They're cheaper now. Once they hit adulthood....CHA CHING!!!

My Doctor Never Said Anything to Me. They're Fine.

Honestly, I don't know why some doctors don't mention why children may or may not be up to date on vaccines. I guess sometimes we really trust our doctors THAT MUCH to believe that  our children and teens are current on their vaccines. But, vaccines are constantly being added on as well. It's for a reason guys! It's up to us as parents to keep track of our children's immunizations. We honestly don't like stabbing people. We are protecting you from some pretty gruesome diseases. YOUR WELCOME! Lol. I know I'd rather have a shot to protect me from meningitis rather than lying in a hospital bed dying from the disease. Oh! If you're missing your vaccine record....schools have them! They're required to have them when you first start school. ASK THEM FOR A COPY!

Can Vaccines Cause Autism?

No they can't. It's been disproved. Look it up!



 Would I have my children immunized with all these vaccines? Heck yeah! If you want more information about vaccines....check out www.CDC.gov ....there's no reason to lie or make stuff up. Studies have been done...if you have doubts...research it! Don't ignore something that can potentially save your child's life!!

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