Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...(Kind Of)...

Wordless Wednesday...(kind of)..

I recently went to visit my friend Yevgenia Watts a.k.a Genia at her home. She's a very talented watercolor artist that I've mentioned before. Genia had invited me over show me how to watercolor. I learned several techniques and wish that I woud've taken pictures.
 It was slightly challenging because it was also a playdate with our two little boys. Little boys love to help their mommas. As we took a break from my lesson, we couldn't help but notice how adorable the boys looked sitting next to each other eating these large than life apples. I ran to my purse and started going picture crazy!
Yes...I'm one of those moms. I love capturing moments like these. I just had to share...

Do you go picture crazy too when you see moments like these? Are you the crazy mom that has to share these moments with everyone? I just can't help it...hehe. Happy Hump Day!!

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