Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm Well and Alive!

Christmas was so much fun, but there's this crazy virus going around and it caught up to me and my family. It takes you down for several days...maybe even 14 days...if not longer. You're achy, exhausted, have headaches, and are partially or completely congested. You're either diagnosed with a severe sinus infection, ear infection, flu, or in my case...both a kidney and sinus infection. It's slowly going away and can't wait to start my 2011 Resolutions!
First...The Holidays!
The Girls Chatting at the Table. You should hear the stuff that they talk about. Hilarious!

I rarely see my family. Most of my aunts and uncles have moved out of state, but when some or most of us get together... it's always a good time! It doesn't matter how old any of us are!
My Tia (Aunt) Gloria hitting the pinata and my Tia Marilu picking up candy. My Tia Marilu dodged me & knocked me down to get candy. It was hysterical.

We always manage to act like big kids. I love spending time with my family and I can't complain about the food. O.M.G. TAMALES...
Guatemalan Tamales are made of banana leaves & are mushy inside. SO GOOD.  Some people eat them along with bread & some add lemon to it. I like mine just the way they are made.

Spend time with my family on Christmas and you will have a buffet of food. Mexican and Guatemalan tamales, carne asada, ham, rice, beans, cuban deserts, the list goes on and on. You will also go home with a HUGE plate of food.
One thing we always incorporate on Christmas are pinatas. Not just because it's Christmas. We celebrate December Birthdays! I know it sounds kind of bad, but it's convenient because the family is together. It's something that we've done almost every Christmas and the kids have fun! Who doesn't have fun hitting a pinata?! LOL.
Left to Right: Mom, Tia Marilu, Tia Miriam, Tia Gloria, & Long time Family Friend.

We wouldn't have cake either if it wasn't for Birthdays! LOL. Check out that cake! My mom made it! She's a cake decorator and she makes delicious cakes. YUM! The little one is for my little guy. Me and my little one have a birthday right before Christmas. I love my family and I hope to have a GIGANTIC reunion with all of them sometime soon.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! How are those New Year Resolutions going? I'll blog about mine on another post..I'M BACK!! See yah' soon!!


  1. aWWW Great Pictures I love tamles de Guatemala so yo have some Chapina in you =] Glad to see a Blog Post from you Mujer

  2. Welcome back! I think its cool that your family incorporates pinatas in December. Happy New Year! Wishing you more success in 2011!

  3. @thinker than your average girl Thank you! LOL. I havent heard the word Chapina in a really long time! I am part Chapina. Lol.

    @Eva Smith Same to you! Thank you! Yes! Pinatas make celebrations more special!