Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas is Everywhere!

Christmas is just around the corner and I am definitely feeling it. I love driving by beautifully decorated houses, listening to Christmas music, smelling delicious lighted scented candles, and more! It's all very therapeutic!
Thanks to my friend Yevgenia Watts a.k.a Genia, I was able to experience more Christmas when she invited me to our local Christmas Home Tour and enjoy more of what Christmas has to offer. It reminded me of all the things that I enjoy doing. For example, to name a few...spending time with friends, art, and home parties!
Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the beautifully decorated houses that I went to because I only went to two homes and my visits were very short. Genia was a vendor at the home tour and she couldn't leave her booth. I decided I'd rather spend time with my friend than visit a strangers house that I know nothing about. Lol. The homes I did visit were gorgeous but,  it just didn't feel right going alone.  
It was nice spending time with Genia and look through most of her paintings. She is very talented! We chatted and drank two glasses of wine. It was fun! It was also fun walking around and looking at what all the other vendors had to offer. One of my favorite items we these beautiful lighted wine bottles. It is a project that I would love to work on one of these days! They're beautiful!
Another vendor was selling goodies from Hawaii like pancake syrup and butter spread. Yum! It all looked scrumptious!
Scrapbooking & Crafts! I've always wanted to scrapbook and it's offered in my hometown! Stay tuned for future scrapbooking posts. Lol. I hope...
I was also surprised to see that Tastefully Simple was there. A company that I've always wanted to try out. It's a food tasting company that offers parties in the comfort of your own home. They have an assortment of dips, soups, and more! Yum!
Gold Canyon Candles has delicious smelling candles that are also sold in the comfort of your own home! So many different types of parties that you can have at home!
It was so much fun attending our local Christmas Home Tour! They even had a  few raffles and I won!!! I won a beautifully decorated basket full of greeting cards created by Yevgenia Watts!
How funny is that!! I promise that it was a complete coincidence! LOL! The announcer of this event drew my name out of a bag full tickets! December's turning out to be a wonderful birthday month!!

More Good News!!!
I've been included on the "Top 50 Mommy Bloggers on Parenting" on SonographyTechnician[dot]Org. Check it out! You can also see a list of other Mommy Bloggers that you might like to follow as well!! Thank you so much! It's always nice to be mentioned!!

12 Days till' Christmas!!


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