Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Week Ever: December’s YourStyle!

It's funny how life can distract you and cheer you up in different ways. I can't even describe all the positive that has come out of all the negativity that life has thrown at us. I am definitely feeling the Spirit of Christmas this month.

One of the biggest highlights has been working with Sonsi to be featured on Sonsi's YourStyle! I am incredibly blessed and extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful article that features ME and highlights a few of my favorite things in fashion, life, and home!
Thank you so much Sonsi! There are no words to describe how grateful I am to you guys! The best part about Sonsi are the amazing woman involved in Sonsi! How do I know? I've met them! You can read all about it! Here's a recap on how we met:

Have a wonderful weekend! Christmas is getting closer and closer!



  1. Awesome things come to awesome blessed people =] happy holidays am smiling for you

  2. Hello Elizabeth! Thanks so much for your kind words about Sonsi (and its team)- we truly appreciate your support! Love your article but loved working with you more! Hope you have a safe & Happy Holiday season- stay in touch...

  3. @Thicker Than Your Average Girl Thank you so much! Happy holidays!

    @SonsiWoman Thank you so much! You and the team have been wonderful! LOVED working with you! So much fun! Happy Holidays!