Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Would've, Should've, Could've...DID!!! Photography by Victoria Karalun.

My husband and I were married very young and we've experienced so much! Sadly, I never took that many pictures. Maybe a few here and there, but we moved around so much that some of these pictures got lost and some were damaged. We only took one professional picture as a married couple with no children, but I never thought about taking more after that.
Once I had my two boys I still had not taken pictures. Mostly because I gained weight and I was very self-conscious about taking pictures. I always told myself that the first thing I would do was take family pictures once I lost the weight. It would be a reward for myself. One, two, three, four years later and I still struggled to lose weight. Sadly, no family pictures...

Light Bulb Moment

It seems like this year has truly been a light bulb moment for me. I turned 30 and I started to realize that I had to accept myself. I needed to accept me and where I am at right now. I'm not done doing what I want to do, but I want to accept it and enjoy life for what it is. I'm not an RN yet. Oh well! Keep on! I haven't lost weight! Oh well, I will sooner or later, but enjoy life!  Why am I holding back doing the things I want to do? I felt selfish for not taking pictures. My kids would never have pictures of me or the family because I was too embarrassed to take them. How selfish! Would've, Should've, Could've....NO MORE! I am ME!

Photographer Victoria Karalun made my family portraits possible! About Victoria Karalun:

"I'm a 28-year old mom of an 11-month old baby boy, Jacek, and have been happily married to Michael for 6 years. We live in Beaumont, CA with our four cats.

I have been doing photography for years. I started in 2006, and have traveled extensively and done photography all over the world. My passion is in portraits, though, and my favorite thing to photograph is kids because they are FUN!

I did my own son's newborn session when he was seven days old, and I get daily practice on the challenge keeping up with a kid with my camera!"

Check out our very first "official" family portraits by Victoria Karalun:

 I'm really excited to have these wonderful memories...
 Memories that I will keep with me forever and pass on to my children...
 Did I forget to mention that they were both aspiring comedians? Not really. Just silly.
 Little brother really looks up to his big brother...
 Victoria captured Jeremy perfectly with this picture...shy, but always thinking...
 Jacob...always silly and always such a good sport...
 They are truly a JOY in our lives...
 Our second couple shot EVER!

Victoria will also be doing my individual pictures that I can't wait to share with everyone! She is an amazing photographer and I 100% recommend using her for any of your photography needs! Her price is very affordable and extremely worth it!  If you live in Southern California! CHECK HER OUT!

You can also see her gallery on SmugMug.

Thank you so much Victoria! You did an amazing job & I will always be grateful for it!

What do you think of the pictures? Have you postponed anything in your life b/c it wasn't the right time? Insecurity? If you did, how did you overcome it?


  1. You guys came out so GOOD! You look fabulous:) love the top with the belt!

  2. You look great Liz :) Beautiful family photos!

  3. Yay! Congrats so happy for you & ur family. The pictures look great, you have a beautiful family. Love the color top you wore as well! Funny thing about turning 30 seems like a switch is flipped and you start to realize, something about life. I kinda had that light bulb moment about my self as well. If you wait around for that change (what ever it maybe) to come for you to do things in life you will be waiting around forever and miss out on some great things. It's now or never!! Glad ur choosing now. :)

  4. @Gabi Thank you Gabi! Love yah cuz!! XOXO!

    @AllyRJones Thanks Ally! :D XOXO!

    @Cid Style File Thank you! It is funny isnt it? YES! Im ready now!! Love your inspiring words! Thx again!