Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Sky

The weather has been interesting to say the least. Hot and cold. Rain and shine. I am starting to miss all the summer fun we were having. I hope that we can have the same type of fun during the fall and winter.

I'd have to say that the best thing about this crazy weather are the views. We have had the most amazing views of the sky out here in California. I'm amazed at the amount of people that thought the same thing. Enough for everyone to post all these amazing pictures all at once.
Two weeks ago I had noticed several friends and family posting pictures of the sky. I couldn't help but take copies of their pictures and share them with you. I was amazed at the amount of people that were actually taking pictures of the sky. All on the same day! Great minds think alike!
The sky was breath-taking. All these beautiful pictures in one day....

It's a great reminder to be aware of my surroundings. Art is everywhere! We have God to thank for that!
Do you take time to enjoy nature/the sky? Is it therapy for you?

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