Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First Wine Tasting...

Every year my hubby surprises me by taking me out and doing something that he would NEVER do. One year he signed us up for Salsa Dancing Lessons! It was so much fun! It's always around our anniversary. It's his way of saying, "Look what I'm doing for you. I really do love you." LOL! He's funny that way. We only went once, but it was so much fun. I hope we can do it again (hint hint).

This year he took me out Wine Tasting! I've always wanted to go, but he HATES wine! The place we went to is called D'vine Wine Bar. A small intimate place to relax and enjoy a glass or two or three...of wine.

They had a large assortment of wine. I had no clue where to start.

The bartender was wonderful at helping us out with our selection. He was extremely knowledgeable about all the wines that they had. They had different Flights (samples) of wines that we could try.

We chose Flight 6- Valentin Bianchi Torrontes, Angeline Gewurztraminer, and Rancho Sisquoc Sylvaner.

We also chose Flight 4- Marc Beredif Vouray, Chateau Fayol Bordeaux, and Napa Ridge Merlot.

Six different glasses of red and white wine. Each had a unique taste. Some good, some interesting, and some dry. I wouldn't say bad because it really does depend on your palate and what your taste buds like.

Tony didn't like any of them. I think he would stick with white wine if he had to pick and choose.

We decided to end our tasting with Desert Wines! Oh, and they serve drinks with papers that you can write notes on about your wine with the name and drink beside it. I had so much fun!

Our made-up Desert Wine Flight consisted of Quady Orange Muscat, Quady Red Electra Muscat, and Martin & Wyrich Moscato Allegro.

If you're not big on wine. I would stick with the Desert Wines. They were REALLY good! I got stuck with most of the wines (not complaining), but as you can imagine. I felt REALLY good when we were done! LOL! I can't wait to go again!

Happy Hump Day!

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