Friday, June 25, 2010

My Workout Schedule

I've been debating over my workout schedule. I know it'll change when my oldest son goes back to school. I want to experiment and see how this schedule will work for me (for now). It'll be tricky and naturally I want to start on a Monday. LOL. I'm a Monday starter! What can I say? I know. I'm weird.

We have tennis offered where I live for free! I would LOVE to try tennis! The catch: I would have to find a baby sitter to watch my little guy and I would have to go to tennis practice right before work. It just doesn't seem so tempting when I have to put in so much effort to workout. Childcare costs money and I work nights! I don't feel like exercising right before work when I know I'll be up all night. It's hard enough staying awake! How bad do I want it? Hmmm...maybe I should be worried about the rest of my schedule before I start worrying about tennis. Right? Right. I'll have to get back to you on this topic later...
If I sound I'm not making any sense. I'm sleep deprived. Look at how scary I look right now. Yikes!

So here's what my schedule looks like so far:

Monday: Spinning/Gym (Workout Unknown @ This Time)

Tuesday: Walking To The Lake Beach and Back (I won't be able to jog or run because I'll have my kids, but I figure walking is better than nothing. This will be part of my exercise routine and my kids (especially my oldest) will benefit from this too!)

Wednesday: Spinning (I work @ nights. On these days I don't feel much like walking. I'm actually pretty lazy on days like these.)

Thursday: Walking To the Lake and Back.

Friday: Walking To The Lake and Back/ Walking Around the Lake/ Spinning (These days will depend on childcare, if my husband's not working, or if I'm just too tired from work.)

Saturday: Walking to the Beach and Back/ Walking around the Lake/ Spinning.

Sunday: Walking Around the Lake.

I'm not sure which day I'll use as a free day yet. I might just try the schedule out and see how this works first.

I know that I definitely need new running shoes. I got a big fat blister the last time I went running. It was painful! I eventually want to start running. I probably won't start until September. I can work on getting a jogging stroller in the meantime. Once Jeremy starts school I'll start running like Forest Gump! LOL!

Better Go!! I'm at work!! Have a great weekend!! Diet Update Coming Soon!

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  1. Hey Elizabeth, I was wondering - where do you live? I'm on the corner of Greenbriar and Jasmine Lane and I walk to the North Lake once or twice a week. I'd love to join you on one of your walks if we live anywhere close to each other. Drop me an email with your address, maybe?


    email: yevgenia.watts[at]

    P.S. I'd love to do tennis, too, but er...did you mention childcare? Yeah.