Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Recap. Now June.

May was an extremely busy month. It was a month of struggle, yet we made the best out of it...

During the month of May I survived my surgery!! My hubby was extremely supportive. I honestly can't believe I'm showing you my surgery pics!! LOL!! It is what it is....

A day after I had my surgery, my hubby had to go back to work. My mom came over and took over. And BOY DID SHE EVER!! She made a feast!! The food lasted long enough for me to heal. It fed the kids when I wasn't feeling good and it kept me nice and healthy!! YUMMMMM!! I LOVE MY MOM"S COOKIN"!!

A week after surgery my hubby had his fight and Jeremy had a baseball clinic with the Minor League Baseball Team in our area! We had so much fun!! After the baseball clinic, we were given free tickets to go watch one of their games that afternoon!! The kids had a blast!!

That same weekend we even managed to go to the county fair!!

A week after that Jeremy's Baseball Season ended with a PIZZA PARTY AND TROPHIES!! He was so proud!! And we were so proud of him!!!

I can't wait for whatever June brings us!! I hope that whatever it brings us good fortune!!

Have a great month!!


  1. hello hello!
    thanks for visiting my blog! you have a beautiful family =)
    have a great day!!

  2. Thank you so much!! I enjoyed reading your blog. I've added you to my "Follow" list!! Thanks for coming by as well!! Have a wonderful week!!