Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Losing My Mind!

Have you noticed that once you have kids you start losing your memory? Maybe it's just me. I'm losing my mind!! My mom had even mentioned to me that I was becoming a slight bit forgetful...

It's funny because my mom was giving me advice on natural remedies that I could take to help with memory loss, but I FORGOT what it was!! LOL!! How embarrassing!!

I've noticed that I always have to write stuff down or mark them on a calendar. It's weird because when I'm working I'm not that bad. I'll jot a few things down, but I'm pretty good at remembering stuff and getting things done.

I forget more during the day when I work nights. I started working nights again because my job let me go. School district budget cuts! YUCK! I'm currently searching for a day job. I don't think I can handle working nights much longer. My memory's at stake here!!

I'm so sorry for not being consistent on here with my diet. Working nights and my son being out of school is really setting me back. I didn't realize how much it would set me back. I plan on making an exercise schedule and I will post it on here. I need to start scheduling things. Schedule coming soon....
I took this pic for a friend a few years back, but this is how I feel right now! For all those ladies trying to lose weight right now! Weight loss is tough, but we can do it!!

Here's the good news!! I lost 2 lbs.!! Not good for two weeks, but better than nothing!! Last week was the toughest week for me with diet and exercise. I managed to eat a few good meals, but I also had a few unhealthy meals as well. I didn't exercise either. Almost forgot!! LOL!! I also lost 2 inches around my waist!! I can't be doing that bad!! Right?!!

I haven't given up yet!! Weight loss takes time and I know I'll get there!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!!

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