Monday, May 3, 2010

What's Going On WIth The Lapband?

It's Monday! I'm one day away from getting my gallbladder taken away from me. LOL! Farewell Gallbladder! It has been 30 years and it is time to part and go our separate ways!

Let's pray that the surgery goes smoothly. The surgeon mentioned that if he had difficulty taking it out by laparascopy, that he would have to cut me open. I wonder if weight makes a difference? I hope not, I'm a bit on the heavier side right now. OUCH!

Side Note: Don't gain wait just because you know you're getting a lap band. I was a bit cocky about it and put on a few pounds. I thought: Why not? Once I get the surgery, I'll lose the weight anyway. That's what I get. Now I have more weight to lose and no lap band pending at this time.

What's going on with the Lap-Band?

I still plan on getting it. For now, I have to put it on hold. My insurance won't approve the surgery because the company my husband works for opted out on weight loss procedures. Talk about not reading the fine print...

We plan on canceling our insurance when there's an"open enrollment at his work. We hope to find another company that will approve the procedure. I'm not so sure about the company that I went with before (1800 Get Thin). I still haven't received a bill from them. I'm waiting to hear something soon. According to them (Top Surgeon's), I shouldn't be receiving anything because it's a routine procedure that all insurance company's approve. We'll see about that....

The only reason I question this is because they had told me that if the procedure wasn't approved I could still have the Lap Band placed on one condition. If a hernia was found during my endoscopy, they would repair my hernia and place the Lap Band in during the repair.

I would only have to pay for the cost of the Lap Band itself. What a hoax!

I did email the weight loss specialist (I'll keep her name anonymous) about the situation, but it just doesn't sound right to me. Why would you tell someone one thing and then say something completely different to them?

My theory: To get money from insurance company's. I bet the company figures, if they can't get money for the weight loss procedure...they'll get money for the ultrasound, endoscopy, and blood work. It's all about money, who cares about the patient? Right? As long as they make money off of the other procedures it's a winning situation for them. You can't lose.

Here's my email conversation:

Hey (anonymous), just got a phone call from (anonymous) and had mentioned that I'm not covered for any type of bariatric procedures thru my ins. I know you had mentioned that it could be done during a hernia repair and get covered that way. What ever happened to that? Thanks!


Her response:


Only recently has own owners decided that we can no longer offer the Hernia repair as an option to help with the bariatric surgery. Unfortunately, we have discontinued the process of those case and can only process our cases as bariatric procedures.

Wow, how convenient! You tell the patient that there are alternate ways of getting the procedure done and have them do the initial testing and voila! You bill the patient and the insurance company and you get nowhere! But, the company makes money!

Beware: Another reminder to please call your insurance company before you try to do something like this. Make sure the weight loss company has a good reputation and that you can cover the costs of of any additional bills that may come your way.

So there it horrible experience with obtaining a lapband. When or if I do get my lap band, I will make sure to write a review about my experience with that company. For now, good ol' dieting and exercise will be part of my routine.

To end this with my topic of the month, "Look Up". Check this little old lady out!! Now there's someone to LOOK UP to!! Healthy, strong, and fit for her age!! AMAZING!!

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