Friday, May 28, 2010

Two Great Giveaways!! Go Check Them Out!!

One day I'll have a GIVEAWAY, but for now I thought I'd try joining in on some GIVEAWAY FUN myself!! I don't have it together enough to do these wonderful GIVEAWAYS (yet). I need to line my ducks in a row first. Is that how the saying goes? Or is it "My ducks aren't in a row" or "My ducks aren't in a straight line yet"? YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!! :0) I need to get it together...LOL!!

I did want to share with you two wonderful giveaways by two bloggers that I really respect for doing what they do.

Back in 1998...Me and my BFF Alina.

But, first I wanted to say THANK YOU to my amazing BFF ALINA for getting me into reading BLOGS!! She moved to Tennessee (it's been too long now) over a year ago to be close to family and to get away from this crazy economy in California. I LOVE YAH GIRL!! I MISS YAH SO MUCH!! I can't wait till' we can reunite again!! It's been TOO long, but we talk on the phone almost EVERYDAY.

I wanted to start with Farmgirl Paints!! Becky is an amazing blogger that writes straight from her heart and I truly appreciate that because sometimes it's hard to share personal stories to people that you REALLY don't even know.

The support from other people is amazing and that's the best part about blogging.

Becky went to a gala to raise money for a wonderful Christian based organization called TreeHouse. Check out her blog!! What an amazing post, especially because it has to do with supporting and helping troubled teens!! Not to mention the wonderful GIVEAWAY!!

The second blogger is Bobbi @ NHERSHOES. Bobbi writes wonderful blogs about balancing health, exercise, and family. She's definitely a multitasker (something I'm not). LOL. I love the wonderful tips and advice that she gives, especially to people like me that are still trying to understand how to be fit and healthy. Her blogs are very motivating...CHECK HER OUT!!

She has a wonderful GIVEAWAY (this one is actually being given by her hubby). As her hubby says, “@nhershoes is slappin’ yo mamas all across the world with this awesome Memphis-style give-away at". LOL!! Read all about it and see what the heck he's talkin' about!! LOL!!

Their you have it guys!! Two wonderful blogs with great giveaways!! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!


  1. Awww girl thank you for the shout out! I just happened to pop over here. So glad I did:) Looks to me like you are getting all your "ducks in a row":) Hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. No problem!! Anytime!! Thanks for the encouragement!! Trying to get it together...LOL!! Hope you had a great weekend!!

  3. wow I am on your blog...pic and all ....I feel like a celebrity :o)I miss you horribly too. I hope we can get together soon. I dont care what we do as long as I get to hang out with you!!! Miss you girl :o)