Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Computer Repair Update

I've finally called HP and have scheduled a repair. The bad will take about two weeks for my little net book to get fixed. Right now, I'm at work borrowing a computer. That's the upside to my work. I have tons of free time to work on homework, blogs, bills, etc. LOL. The irony is I hardly do any of those things. I was actually having blog withdrawals and thought I would rant and talk about a few things going on in my life. Kinda boring without pictures, but unfortunately I don't have access to download or upload things onto my blog. It would just be wrong to download stuff on someone else's computer. Right? That's computer etiquette i think...

So, life's been a bit hectic. Finances have been Really bad for us, but we're chugging along just like everyone else struggling in this economy. School has been torture. I'm taking chemistry and it's been HELL!! Algebra starts in a week! YAY for me! I've also joined a fitness class where I'm required to lose 15 pounds by the end of the semester in order for me to get an A. That's been Really tough because I've been ditching. Why you ask? Because I've been meeting up with an awesome chemistry tutor that is helping make my life in chemistry sooo much easier. But, on an upside, I'm working on getting a lap band. I have an endoscopy coming up to check for any abnormalities and the Dr's office has been working on insurance and costs that would have to be made by me out of pocket. This is because my BMI (Body Fat Mass) is 37, not 40. if I were over 40, I would get 100% coverage. Kinda makes me wonder if i should wait, EAT UP, and gain weight to qualify. Kinda sad huh?

Well, better go, work calls!!

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