Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Running for my Sanity

Running For My Sanity
Last week I decided I was finally going to start my journey to weight loss. So after digging around and doing several searches online...I ran into a semi-local running group that meets up several times a week to run. But, not JUST run, MARATHON RUN!! Yeah, I know, crazy right? But, I had to do it!! I need to be healthy....I feel tired ALL the time. My oldest son Jeremy complains that I sleep to much. Poor thing doesn't know how tired I am working nights and I know that me not exercising doesn't help my energy much either.
So, me being the shy person I am, finally emailed the group and asked them if I could join them. The people in the group were extremely supportive. The feedback from the group was great!! It's nice to have support when you're nervous about doing something new. I'm not a runner. In my life, one thing that I always dodged was RUNNING!! In high school I joined water polo, swimming, and I even tried out for wrestling. Never in my life did I ever consider long distance running. But, here I am.....RUNNING FOR MY SANITY!!

My First Day Running
I worked Wednesday night and had arranged to meet up with the group Thursday morning. I know, I'm crazy, but it was the only time I could find to get started. I made sure to hydrate myself during the night while I worked and to take it easy....and when it was time to go meet the group I had to hustle to the store to go buy more water and a pair of winter gloves and hat for the cold air.

When I finally arrived I realized that I had been the first one to arrive. So I stepped out of the car and started taking in my surroundings. I wanted to get a feel of what's to come. I was REALLY nervous. The views were breathtaking. I need to take my family hiking there one day...the boys would LOVE it!!

At about 9am, I met up with Lori, an experienced marathon runner, that had been injured for a few weeks and was hoping to slowly work her way back into long distance running. I guess we were the only one's that were meeting up because the rest of the group had started earlier...about 8 miles earlier.....OUCH!!

We were going to meet them at 7 or 8 miles (1.4 miles for us to be exact) and run back to where me and Lori met so she could take them back to their car's. Those people are REALLY committed runners...WHOO!!
Lori had mentioned to me that we were going to start off doing a fast walk because going up the trail was mostly incline. I had NO CLUE what was to become of me!! So off we started!!! It was agony!! She wasn't kidding when she said we were going uphill!! I had to stop a few times to catch by breath!! I could feel my legs and calves burning as we went higher and higher!! There were a few time where we had to go over rocks!! What the heck was I thinking?! I felt like a kid because all I kept asking her was, "How far are we going?" and "How far we had gone?", about every two to five minutes. She kept my mind busy asking me questions about my family and about any previous exercise experiences I have had in the past. She was really nice and supportive. We kept looking out for the group that was running 10 miles or was it 13 miles? Either way, they were brave souls LOL. Finally, when we caught sight of them, Lori told me it was time to turn back. I think that we had done 1.4 miles in 30 minutes going up...don't quote me on that.....she said they would catch up to us quick or would leave us behind if we waited. I was SOOOO relieved to know that we were turning back!!! FINALLY!! LOL!!
But there was a catch......
We were jogging back!!! But, we would be going downhill. She said she would run ahead, but would keep an eye out for me coming down. So down we went.....panting away....

The first 1/2 mile going down was horrible!! I kept stopping to catch my breath!! I tried to pace myself, but it was tough. For a while I thought I had lost Lori, but I would catch her at a distance waiting for me. After the 1/2 mile mark going down, I finally started feeling good. I didn't have the urge to stop and take a breath. My legs were being nice to me...I DIDN"T FEEL TIRED!! I FELT GOOD!! So in my jogging pace I finally had a chance to glance around and enjoy the view.....I was so proud of myself!!

I had finally made it!! I did 2.8 miles total in an hour and a half...maybe it was in less time...not sure....I need to buy a garmin forerunner to keep track of my distance...
Lori was there cheering me on...she was seriously great......

I met the rest of the supportive, motivating, and inspiring.....

I can't wait to meet's Thanksgiving week and I have no babysitter....but, it gave me a chance to recover....I was sore for a few days...but now I'm back!! I took a nice long walk with the kids and our dogs today...yeah two Another story for another time....LOL!!

Any tips for newbie runners like me? So far I've learned that I need new shoes and a forerunner....and to be more patient when it comes to running...It takes time to get used to running, but in the end it's rewarding to know that you've accomplished what you thought was at first impossible.

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