Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blogosphere: Taking Time to Smell the Roses

Sometimes I have a difficult time being consistent with my blog. If I had more time, I think people would probably get sick of me lol. I seem to get a little overly excited about things and then start to talk nonsense. Who wants to deal with that? LOL. I really do wish I had time to blog more. I need a private office room with a desk where I can go escape, draw, blog, and study. I don't have that? No, but I think I have an idea. Stay tuned for that.....

I don't have a camera and wanted to share with you a few pictures that I had recently taken. But, unfortunately, my camera is not available right now so I thought, "What could I write about today?". Just to be somewhat consistent on here. So I realized maybe I'm just boring.....JK. Well, who knows maybe I am. LOL. But, I started looking at my blogs to get ideas and I ran into this post from Organize With Sandy. She received an idea from Consumer Queen.

"Pick 10 Bloggers and visit them to see what they are up to then invite your readers to visit as well. A wealth of information is out there we just need to stop and take time to smell the roses."

What a great idea!! Write about the people that inspired me to start writing blogs in the first place!! These are the people that give me ideas for things to do in my own life. Right when I think life is dull I read blogs about projects I can do with my kids, diet and health ideas I can do for myself, painting projects I can work on, money saving deals, and organizing. The list goes on and on! So here I go.....

Consumer Queen wrote about sharing a few of my favorite blogs to my fellow readers. I just discovered her blog today, but have now added her blog to my favorite's list. Looks like a great blog to stay up to date with for money saving deals!!

N Her Shoes has a spa giveaway!! Check out her page for details!! She gives out great information on diet and exercise based on her life.

TweetBlossoms writes about her family and crafts. She lives a busy life with her two little boys and husband. But, when she has time for crafts she is very gifted and makes wonderful items which she sells at her Etsy Shop. Check it out!!

Organize with Sandy writes about being prepared for Black Friday and things you can do to make life easier!! Stay posted for more info. on her page!!

Marta's Art writes about her paintings. Her last post was a painting of Death Valley National Park using watercolor. Marta's artwork is based on her life, travel, and the struggles she endures. She's an inspiring nurse and artist...check her blog out!!

Gina Lee Kim makes a beautiful painting of the changing season using watercolors. I just recently stumbled onto her blog. I love her paintings....very inspiring....interestingly enough another nurse...

Maybe as nurses we need to express ourselves through art? I know that for me it's therapeutic, especially with a husband, kids, school, and work going on simultaneously. I need time to get away and relax. Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed and consumed. On the verge of burning out...if I'm not already. I need a studio, I need a massage.....

Sarah's Art House!! Another blog I just recently stumbled onto!! More paintings I love!! I love colors and playful character's. Her last post was about Thanksgiving crafts she worked on with her kids. Great ideas to work on with my family!! I need new crafts to post onto my fridge!!

The Crafty Crow. What can I say?!! Craft projects for kids! Awesome ideas!! I already have a few ideas in store for my kids....

Farmgirl Paints...another artist...can you tell I'm into art? LOL. Her paintings are soft and playful. She writes about her family and God. Her most recent post is about her 21 Day Challenge. Check out to see what it is!!

The Official Blog of Jennifer Garant. She's an artist that has paintings distributed worldwide on household items. I love her Chef themed paintings!! She was my inspiration for my first painting. Her last post was a recipe to make Surprise Fruit Salad. Sounds yummy! Check her out!!

There you go!! 10 Bloggers that share their lives with us and inspire me!!

Now it's your turn!!! What blogs catch your interest and inspire you?! Remember to stop and smell the roses!

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