Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to School

Well I’m back at school and I’m taking Anatomy and Physiology and the most oddest class of all is Painting!! It has nothing to do with my educational goal to become an RN, but I had to take the class. Originally, I was aiming to take Intermediate Algebra, but because of the economy...classes are now fuller and more crowded than what they used to be because winter session has been cut out. I was forced to take a different class because if I didn’t I would have to start paying back my student loan. There is no way in heck we can afford to start doing so at this time.

I don’t regret taking painting. I actually used to love drawing & painting, but my hobby drifted away after graduating high school. I actually applied to an art school during my senior year. Unfortunately, my parents did not agree with my educational goal and had decided than to be a nurse. So here I am in painting class and I’m having a blast!! I think I could take this class over and over and never get tired of taking it!!

I’m really excited to see what types of paintings I can come up with!! I’ve actually just finished painting my first masterpiece!! LOL!! It was tons of fun!! We made a color chart and from there we learned how to mix colors and make them the colors we needed them to be.
I chose Jennifer Garant’s Chef to Go!! I love Jennifer Garant!! She makes the cutest paintings of chefs. One of my themes in my house is Chef themed…my kitchen!! My kitchen is still a work in progress, but I hope I can fill my kitchen up with tons of chefs!!

For class we had to pick a painting of a master artist. It was an easy choice for me!! I thought cool!! It could be another collection for my chef themed kitchen!! The only problem I had was finding a picture large enough to follow to make my painting. So I drew this picture based off a small black and white picture, but had to follow the colors I used for this painting off of another chef picture.

So here's the first part of my painting that was completed the first day that we started our master artist painting. Some of the colors are darker than the colors that Jennifer Garant used in her painting. I'm actually really happy with the colors that I used. I think it gave it a little bit of me in it...

For this painting I used acrylics, painting pens to sharpen some of the curves and smaller parts, and a canvas. I think it was 11x24.
The workspace that I used was my kitchen table!! LOL!! It was a little small and crammed, but it did the job!! My husband actually suggested that next time we create a personal workspace for me to paint. I couldn't believe it!! LOL!!
My camera's REALLY old so some of the pictures...Most of the pictures came out a little blurry...
Viola!! My picture is completed!! I had a hard time with the checkered scarf and some of the shading, but overall I'm happy with my picture. Not bad for painting for the first time. I mean REALLY painting. It's even more difficult when you're trying to copy a master artist.
I had tons of fun painting. It REALLY kept me busy and it's such a great stress reliever!! It really winds me down and relaxes me...
So what do you think?

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