Friday, July 3, 2009

Still Trying to Find A Good Layout That Suits Me

I haven't had much time to update on here. I've been meaning to update my layout. I'm trying to find something that suits me and my personality. Or at least a little bit of my family and personal life. I could always pay someone to do it for me, but finances are a little tight and I could use the money for more important things like diapers and Life is still hectic. I moved out here in March and I'm still unpacking...

As far as weight-loss goes...I've definitely fallen off the weight-loss wagon. It's hard getting back on. I'm hoping to meet the diet doctor next week and sign up at a 24 hour fitness soon. There's actually a REALLY good deal going on at Costco for a gym pass to 24 hour fitness. It's a 2 year membership for $299. Now the problems coming up with the money.
Normal prices range from $34 to $43 dollars per month plus a sign-on fee. That's $408 to $516 per year!! I'm hoping to save up money soon. My body needs it...

I've noticed more aches and pains since I've stopped working out. I'm also more tired and exhausted since I've stopped exercising. It's not fun.

I'm hoping to clean out our garage soon as well. We have plenty of gym equipment at home for me to workout in. I just need more space and I need to baby-proof the garage. It's definitely a jungle in there. Not baby safe at all.

I also bought these REALLY cool DVD's that I'm super anxious to try out. I need to buy a kickboxing bag first (which is another thing I've had to put off buying), but as soon as I get my bag I'm kickin' butt!!

I can't wait!! It actually didn't cost me any money to buy these DVD's. Normally, they cost about $50-$60. It was paid by the bank where I do my banking at.
The bank I go to has a rewards program where you build-up points when you purchase items from selected stores. As I was searching on items that I could get based on the points I had I ran into these DVD's!!
I'll have to write a review on them as soon as I try them out. I'm super excited!!
Well better get going...I'm hard at work lol. Till' next time...
Have a great Fourth of July weekend!!

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  1. I already gave up with finding a layout for mine lol I just messed around with colors and its done. :) I've decided to start swimming laps every day and see what that does for me...I guess I should try to eat better too :P Miss seeing you!