Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're Moving!

We're Moving!!
Wow!! Last weekend our family went out to search for homes. A friend of ours is moving about an hour away from where we're at right now and they invited us to go check out where they're going to live. As we drove further and further, we thought, "No way!! This is too far from everything!! Especially work!!". When we arrived to our destination our mouths were left wide open!! We couldn't believe how incredible the neighborhood was!! It was a community with two lakes and free everything!! Free gym, free childcare, free golf, free tennis.....okay, not completely free, but $50 for the entire year!! The houses were gorgeous and best of all CHEAP!! We couldn't believe it!! So now we're on the search for a home. We're renting for a year and if we like it, we'll buy a house next year!! Talk about a complete lifestyle change!! I'll have to research everything out there and find new things to do. I'm REALLY nervous and EXCITED at the same time!!

This is the house we were originally going to get.

Check out the yard!!

We were going to move out this weekend, but the house we wanted never fell through. There was a misprint on the rent and it turned out to be more than what we planned to pay for. We're really bummed, but this weekend we're going on a house hunt to look for more places...on the lake!!

This is the house we may get. We're going to look at it this weekend. Check out the yard!!

Wish us luck!! We need it!! I hope we get cool landlords!! And most of all I hope our family LOVES it!!

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