Monday, March 9, 2009

Keeping it Straight

My life is so darn unorganized and complicated. LOL!! All I can do is deal with it, laugh about it, and move on!! That's all anybody could do during these hard times. Everything is so unorganized, I can't keep anything straight. I try keeping things (life) together, but something always has to get in the way.

Home Life
Molly (our new dog) is doing great! She's such a perfect dog. She's been trained well. The kids LOVE her!!

On Sunday, we went to look for more homes. Wow!! I can't believe how cheap it is to live where we're moving to. Gorgeous homes for under $1,000 per month!! Practically new!! After searching the entire day for our "ideal" home, we finally found one. We'll find out today if we got it. We actually picked two houses just in case the other one doesn't go through. I would prefer our first choice. It's a three bedroom, two bath house on the lake!!

Jeremy is okay with us moving. He's not at all disappointed. We're all just happy to be in a bigger home!

We are stressing out ALOT about money, but I think we'll someohow manage. Pray for us!!

Weight Loss
I did terrible last week. I think I might have gained a pound or two as well. I only worked out once because I thought we were moving and thought I had to pack. My diet was horrible. I didn't spoil my diet intentionally, but I didn't watch it either. I could have done alot better.

Tonight, I'm going spinning and so far I've been doing good on my food choices.

About Tony
Tony has a fight scheduled March 26, 2009. He will be fighting a professional Muay Thai fighter that will debut as a first time professional MMA fighter. Tony is already preparing for this fight. His workouts, training, and diet plans will be intense as the days gets closer to his fight.

The odd thing is that it's Jeremy's Muay Thai instructor!! It's so strange!! We stoppped taking him at the end of February because of our plans to move. Go figure!! I will keep you updated on more info. or changes as it gets closer.

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  1. LOL! That is strange! Small world.

    The houses you're looking at sound great! Makes me want to move out there LOL Good luck! Hope you get your first choice home!