Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day At The Park

Despite all the stress that I've been through these past two weeks I had one special day to spend with my friends. It was REALLY nice to get away from my stress and just relax and focus on friends and kids. I think we all need this every now and then in our lives. I wish it could be done more often. I think there should be one day during the week (not the weekend) to just slow down for 1-2-or-3 hours and spend time with loved ones. It really makes the week better. Even if it's just meeting for a cup of coffee in the morning..

Francesca (Left), Rachel (Middle), Me (Right)

(Left to Right) Rachel, Ally, Baby Dylan (he's so little you can't see, Jacob, and Erin with her little baby boy.

Jacob LOVES that baseball launcher!!

Jeremy (left) and his best friend Elijah (right). I don't know what they were doing. LOL!!

Aidan and mommy (Ally). Aidan looks so cute swinging on the swing!!

Dianna (Rachel's Daughter) loving my little Jacob!!

Jacob LOVES the swing!!

Ally and baby Dylan!! )He's the one behind the!!

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  1. awe me and Aidan liked looking at the pictures. maybe we can go to the park again soon!