Friday, February 13, 2009

My Very Hectic Day


Yesterday was extremely hectic. First of all, I woke up late to take Jeremy to school. I had 20 minutes to feed him, get him dressed, get the baby ready, and give the baby a bottle. Sounds easier than it really is. If you have a 6 year old, you'll understand. They move like deaf turtles. No matter how much you repeat yourself, it's goes into one ear and out the other. And...everything that is getting done, gets done in SLOOOOW motion. I finally came into realization that there was no way I was going to make it. The light bulb finally came on and I realized that a friend down the street didn't have to work and had to take her son to school so I decided to plead for a HUUUGE favor. I asked her if she could take Jeremy to school. She said YES!! I was so I was getting him ready...I thought hmmm...I have time to brush his hair and make it look nice. I grabbed the hair gel and the hairspray and started doing my thing when suddenly I realized that his hair was too long to spike I brushed it down...and he looked like Rico Suave!! It was horrible!! His head was sticky and super slick!! Should I make him go to school like that? I Nah!! Poor guy...I could see him getting teased. So I rushed him to the shower, bent his head over the tub, and started washing the sticky slime out of his hair. Poor guy he was freaking out. The phone starts ringing and his ride is here!!! I quickly wash his head, get him dressed, and needless to say, HE MADE IT!!

The next thing I needed to do was get myself and the baby ready. I had to go to school and take my Upper Extremity Bone Test. I was definitely not ready, but what could I do? I dressed myself, made a diaper bag, woke the baby up, gave him a bottle, dressed him, and I was off. I had 45 minutes to drop him off to another friend's house and head out to school. So what happens? Contact Drama!! I hate contacts!! I forget to bring a spare and the other one is oddly torn in the middle. How a contact tears in the middle? I have no clue!! I arrive to my eye is bloody red and teary. I could hardly see!! I decided that there was no way I would be able to drive or take a test with one contact and an irritated eye. Luckily, our family friend that is going to watch Jacob offers to watch him and Jeremy in the afternoon so I can make the evening class. Thank you God!! He was looking over me!!

After all that it went slightly better. I picked Jeremy up from school and realized I still had to buy things for his Valentine's Day party. I rushed over to the store, bought all his, etc. then rushed the kids both over to my friends house so I could go to school and take my test.
I dropped the kids off...had one hour to study...and off I went to take my test. I did an okay job. We''ll see. I'll even be happy with a C or D. I was just happy to make it to class and get it done. My study time was slim to none, especially with the inconvenience of coming another day.

Fortunately, we were able to leave early, so I decided to hit the gym..get a tan...dye my hair...and make the Valentine's Goodie Bags. I finally went to bed at midnight. With the goodie bags unfinished and orange hair. Yep!! I can never win. Luckily my husband picked the kids up after he was done training at the gym. Why were the goodie bags unfinished? I ran out of supplies. I was short by 3 and my hair? It was a disaster.

Today I need to fix my hair, clean my house, finish buying Valentine's gifts for my family, and taking Jeremy to his gym. I'm ditching the gym today. I'll make it up tomorrow. I'm drained!!

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