Friday, February 27, 2009

I Just Had a Thought!!

What are the kids doing right now?
Jeremy and Jacob are napping right now!! How did I get them to do that?!! Jeremy had a half day at school today so me and a few girls decided to take the kids to the park and tire them out!! So we stopped by McDonald's to grab some food and had a nice picnic with the kids at the park. As soon as the kids got home, they were so tired they fell asleep. Yeah!!

What's My Thought?!!
I think I might join Jeremy in his running club!! Jeremy has his running club Tuesdays and Thursdays from 730am-745am. I know...not long, but it's a great way to keep him active!! Better than nothing right? They told parents they could join as well. Just a thought...

I had school today. Anatomy and Physiology. I also had a quiz today. I'm not really proud of myself, but I had a tough week. I don't think I did very well, mostly because I was so stressed out about my math test. I didn't get very much sleep the night before, so as I attempted to study last night I ended up passing out on the couch. I woke up this morning with only a short amount of time to study because I had to take Jacob over to a friends house so I could go to school.
I think I might have to drop my math class. It's too much for me. It's an online class so I pretty much have to teach myself and with my two boys it's impossible. I was going to go see a math tutor last week, but time and work didn't allow me to do that. I think I should just focus on my A & P class and possibly take Algebra during the summer in a classroom setting. My math teacher emailed me yesterday morning and said I had to complete my quiz by 2pm this afternoon. There was no way or time for me to do this in that short of a time span. We'll see what happens...alot can happen in just a short time frame. Tomorrow I have my test on all the bones of the body. Wish me luck!! I need it...

I had a really busy schedule this week. I hardly had time to cook anything. I think that's why my diet goes bad because I'm always on the go. I found a blog that is focused on busy families always on the go. It gives families examples of quick and easy meals that you can make before heading out to your destination. I'm not sure if they're healthy or not. I need to look into it. Either way, you can always modify your meals to your liking. Last night I made chicken tacos (pre-marinated in carne asada marinade). I bought the package for $6.00 at my local Spanish grocery store. I made it with Spanish rice and beans. The rice was $1.99 and the beans $.99. The tortillas were $1.39. I spent a grand total of about $11 to feed a family of four. I kept my portions small and it was very filling.

Ways to modify this meal (the healthier way)?
Next time I'm going to buy whole wheat tortillas, whole wheat rice, and make homemade black beans. I need to wean my family away from unhealthy food and get them used to having healthy meals.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with the new Baby Bootcamp group that will officially start next Wednesday. I signed up!! It sounds like fun and I think Jacob will love being outdoors!! It''ll be my pre warm-up into joining a running group this summer (if not sooner). For joining this past week, they gave me a Baby Bootcamp water bottle and a raffle ticket so I have a chance to win a jogging stroller (crossing my fingers) next week. The group will also start a mom's group that will include a mom's night out!! Woohoo!! I'm looking forward to that!! Sometimes mom needs to get out and play too (without the kids)!!
I need to map out my new workout schedule this weekend. My goal to fitness and weight loss is looking up!! I'm excited to see new changes and results!!

I also started my weight loss meetings through my primary insurance on Monday mornings. It was a great first time meeting and extremely informative. We weighed-in and the doctor handed out valuable information. Next week he will go more into detail about what we need to do to lose weight. He also gave us his personal email and said we could email him anytime or set up a private appointment to talk about how we can personally modify what we're doing to see results. Exercise routines, nutrition, anything...
Have a great weekend!! Have fun and be healthy!! Now...time to plan for the oncoming week!!

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