Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Work, work, and more work!!

I worked last night. I'm usual. I started school yesterday. It was my first time having a babysitter at home while I went to school. It was so weird. It was ALOT better than a daycare though. I didn't have to get the baby ready and Jeremy was off to school too. He was not looking forward to that (he just started first grade last Wednesday). Poor guy....he goes to speech therapy, so he struggles in class communicating and understanding words. He's really independent and slightly withdrawn because of his communication skills. I hope it's a little easier for him this year. We're working on him.
School was terrible yesterday. I was dropped out of two of the courses I had signed up for because I never payed for one of them. So I had to go and try to add both of them. I luckily added back into my math class, but the microbiology class I was trying to add was the wrong class!! So I wasted half a day trying to get into a class that I didn't need. I worked last night, but figured I'd try to add another class this morning after work. I never did.....there's no way I can go to class right after a night shift. I tried, but I could hardly stay awake this morning. I'm so desperate to be done. I just want my RN!! So after 2 hours of sleep....I had to wake up because my baby wouldn't sleep longer. And here I am writing another "I'm tired" blog and chugging along for the day. Call me crazy, but I' going to try to add another class tonight after only sleeping 2 hours today. Why don't I get a babysitter to watch my baby while I sleep? It's expensive!! I easily spend a little over a hundred dollars a week just for 12 hours per week....only twice per week...that's more than $400 per month!! Sleep I can do when I'm home at night. I have my work days set to every other night so I can have one night to recover. I pay about $7 to $10 per hour on babysitting depending on the sitter. I don't have much help from close family or friends....they re trying to survive California as!!
Better go...time to pick up my Jeremy from school and I need to get myself caffeinated before tonight. I'm crossing my fingers I get in to the class that I'm attempting to get into....

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